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Jan 22, - Tristan- If you're thinking that a 3 pack of condoms costs around $5 and Mountain Dew is only $ for the 2-liter, so why not save yourself $3 on your contraception, think again! Pay the extra money! Mountain Dew does not kill your sperm, lower sperm count, make your penis smaller, or shrivel up your. Does Mountain Dew Kill Sperm: Myth or Fact? | Mountain dew and Fertility Minnie. Age: 26. Guess what y just found her Furthermore, the presence of a colouring agent referred to as Yellow Dye No. Dec 3, - A good old urban legend that I still remember to this day is that the soft drink Mountain Dew kills sperm and reduces their overall sperm count. This has been, at least for me, something I've heard since the playground days during grade school. And at the time it made sense, its the only green soft drink and. Liandra. Age: 21. Hi,I'm an open minded and pretty girl from ankara Explore Mountain Dew, Beverages, and more! May 16, - If Internet chatter is any indication, it is widely believed among people that drinking Mountain Dew "kills sperm cells" or, at minimum, drastically lowers a male's sperm count. There are some who fear it may cause impotency, while others seem to view it as a cheap and easy method of birth control. Jun 18, - Which has been shown to actually reduce a man's sperm count and lead to infertility? Low sperm count is an uncomfortable subject for some men to discuss, which may be why so many urban legends have sprung up about its causes. While many grow up hearing that drinking Mountain Dew or shunning.

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Irma. Age: 23. Most of Lancashire most of Cheshire The answer to does Mountain Dew kill sperm is absolutely no. But the side effects of Yellow 5 in it cannot be neglected, neither can the effects of drinking too much of that. A shocking piece of misinformation has recently captured the attention of young people – it's the idea that Mountain Dew, a popular, highly-caffeinated soft drink, could be used as an effective contraceptive. If you believe Internet chatter, young people think that drinking Mountain Dew can kill sperm, or at least lower the. Oct 18, - Mountain Dew is among the hottest carbonated drinks as we speak, however many individuals nonetheless have so many questions on how it's ready and what results it could go away in your well being. Many individuals ask whether or not mountain dew would kill sperm. Youngsters consider that's the.


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