Always wear pantyhose when

Jun 24, - I think it's important that we don't cling to the rules our mothers taught us "just because that's the way it's always been done." I don't always wear hose, but in appropriate situations I will. Working at my desk in a sundress doesn't call for pantyhose, but being on stage at a large corporate function typically. Should You Wear Pantyhose to Job Interviews or Work Ria. Age: 20. rendez vous par telephone mail Makes absolutely no sense. Oct 18, - Her clothing choices are elegant, modest, and conservative while always fresh and never dowdy.” A couple of weeks ago, another wise reader, JA, expanded on Russell's comment, writing (in part) this: I see the women who refuse to wear pantyhose today as falling into either one of two categories: “Copy. Milk. Age: 24. Kisses... From your rita! The power that comes with wearing pantyhose unrealized by most ladies Aug 27, - Control top pantyhose or support hose can help hold you up, especially if you need to stand for a long period of time. You will look professional, well-dressed, sophisticated and elegant. The Duchess of Cambridge knows this and always wears pantyhose (called "tights" in England) and that's why her legs always look women still wear pantyhose? When attending church or temple, it's always a good rule of thumb to be as conservative as possible. While it's usually completely acceptable to wear formal slacks to church, you can also wear skirts with pantyhose. Pantyhose aren't necessarily required, but they do add an element of formality that lacks in skirts without.

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Katerina. Age: 21. In college but in my spare time I like to have some discreet x-rated fun Aug 19, - I'm a year-old skirt girl and I've always worn nude pantyhose. I wear them with everything from interview suits to denim skirts. I wear them to weddings and while shopping on weekends. I don't consider myself to be a frumpy dresser, but I'm not on the edge of fashion either (no skinny jeans for me). Aug 11, - I'm so glad she doesn't wear them anymore. My Family Protocol Manual — Rule No. When attending funerals, all women of a certain age are expected to wear “stockings,” preferably black. Someone always brings extras. Of course my favorite cousin always needed a pair. Wearing pantyhose to work. May 5, - Wear tights when: it's the dead of winter and you need/want the warmth, or it's a more casual day at the office. Yes, you can wear them with suits — however, know your office; note this is usually more of an “everyday” look, not an “I'm going to court today” look. (The most formal look is always going to be.


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