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Aug 14, - Does your feline companion lick you, and are you wondering why? Particularly since a cat's tongue can feel a bit rough, it's a behavior that's hard to ignore! In general, there are two major reasons a cat will lick human family members: Some cats lick for social affiliation and affection. If you have more than. Why Does My Cat Lick Me? 5 Weird Reasons Cats Lick Their Owners! | PetHelpful Gabrielle. Age: 24. i am everything friendly Yes, My cat licks my hair also especially if I have products in my hair. Kittens and cats tend to be social groomers; that is, they love to groom their family members. Jul 15, - Well, experts believe cats lick and groom their feline and human housemates as a way of showing trust and care. You can take these “kisses” as a sign that your cat feels safe and happy. Of course, there's always the possibility that you have something delicious on your skin that your kitty wants to taste. Becky. Age: 30. Well reviewed, very petite and silky soft Why Does My Cat... Lick Me? Nov 8, - Why does your cat lick you? Is it because it loves you? Is it because the cat has jealousy issues? Do you just taste good? Find out here! All cat owners would love to know why their kittens lick them! Mar 5, - By: murika. Cats exhibit behaviors that often seem strange to us. We get why dogs lick us — that's what they do to show affection and give kisses. Cats, however, are thought to be considerably less exuberant in their expressions of love. So, why would your cat lick you? Here are 4 possible explanations.

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Gigi. Age: 27. Sexy Mar 26, - Licking is also a way cats cool themselves. That's just a few of the ways that cute little tongue is kept busy. In a previous article I discussed in detail why cats groom so much (access article here) but in this post I want to cover the licking that cats tend to do toward family members. When your cat licks you, is it. Sep 30, - While cats constantly lick and groom themselves, licking that becomes obsessive or involves nonbody, nonfood items can be a sign of an underlying problem. Your cat could be suffering from a nutritional deficiency, an obsessive-compulsive disorder, or she may be stressed out by changes in the household.


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