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Nov 18, - Very Anxious over Itchy Sore Anus! IBS (Irritable Bowel Join Date: Nov Posts: 9 I have always suffered from time to time with itchy bottom, but since my holiday in September when I had constipation, I now have a very itchy and sore anus, which is made worse by walking. I would add this hasĀ  anal lumps. Itchy anus after bowel movement? - TeenHelp Sydney. Age: 21. Hello again for those who was waiting for me and for gentlemen who did not yet get chance to know me! My name is Olga, I'm elite internationally we'll known escort companion based in Europe Indy scoots on her bottom now and again, it's not her glands nor does she have worms. Feb 26, - I know what a way to start a post but my little Dafney seems to have an itchy butt. Plus, I have 2, my other one is Phinny and the poor things are always so itchy that they are actually scratching so bad that they are making scabs. I haven't been Join Date: Jun ; Location: Montreal, Qc; Posts: 6, Cory. Age: 22. +37061079934 (SMS please) Announcement Jun 14, - Ok so Ill come right out with it. For nearly two months now I have had a very irritating itch inside my anus. Not alot of fun I can assure you. Has good days and bad days but I just left it in the hope it would go on its own which it hasent. This morning after being woken up by it I decided to get some MMS down. I was noticing that Ty has been dragging his butt on the floor recently. Sometimes he does it after he poops and Old , AM an itch or something. Both of my dogs scoot a lot during the summer months because of the heat and humidity, high humidity and heat makes their skin dry and their bums itchy. lol.

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Olesya. Age: 25. I'm a young,fun and busty girl looking to show you a great time Old , PM. Sheepheed. Member. Early Riser. Join Date: May Location: Cumbria. Posts: 3. Default Lab with Itchy Bum!! I agree sounds like the anal glands need emptying .a very smelly job thats best done at the vets. 10, ; Posts: ; Location: Under a rock, up in the hills of Sage, So. Calif So this year, the tail itching has began a couple weeks ago, I have been washing her tail with corona but she kept itching. hmmm. We have It may have built up and then no rain, and thus her whole butt itches. who knows. Jan 20, - The second guinea pig does not itch as much as the first. I ended up giving both of them baths and found that the first one had a little scab on his butt in one of the places that he itches, and that there were some areas where his skin was flaked and dried out. I cleaned their cage before their baths and didnt.


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