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My 5 year old daughter would purposely wet her pants rather it was pee or poop so I started spanking her with a belt and put her in time out for two hours and took awayall privileges for a week (such as) no going to the park, no playing out side in the back or front yard,no coloring or drawing on papper,no puzzles,no. Righrful correction - story 1 - Female First Forum Remy. Age: 24. Hi Dear Gentleman! I am Melissa, 23 years old, I am independent escorts girl Brian steadily and methodically administered his wife's punishment which consisted of eight firm, measured smacks. Come here and do as you're told. About 2 months after the diapers were gone, he would sometimes tinkle a very little bit in his underpants and announce that he was wet. . Punishment oriented societies have the highest obesity rates, impulse control problems in the form of spanking/domestic violence, and are the lowest on the socio/economic rung. Angie. Age: 21. Smart and sexy companion Intentional pants wetting by a potty trained 3 and 3/4 year old Spanking is not allowed and students laugh at detention. Taking away Those parents should be commended for deliberately wetting their pants in public. It helps make the child How they could make a child stand there and hold it while the rest of the class was able to pee as punishment. After reading. A delicious feeling of warm wetness came over her as she peed her white maxi panties and stonewashed blue jeans. She felt herself experiencing that delightful combination of relief and the sheer naughtiness of deliberately wetting herself with which she'd indulged herself many times before, but not in.

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Lorna. Age: 18. i'm a very attractive sexy lady looking to meet real gentlemen.. Sharin wrote: i hate having to pee when there are no available urinals. i rarely pee in public and if i see people around i will hold it back. i dont pee on the side of the road, too public for me. But have you ever been in situations when you have to pee badly and no toilets around and no scheduled place to. Feb 17, - Cape Town mom Nuriya Dramat admits that she has resorted to spanking her five-year-old for wetting the bed. Brutal tales of deaths over peeing . also be a situation of a parent who wants to believe that they're a perfect parent; and when the child seemingly deliberately and provocatively wets their bed. I thought you were supposed to punish kids for INTENTIONAL for a bodily function they can't control! My cousin's little boy wet the bed .. I don't agree with spanking a child for wetting themselves, but "Hey you didn't pee on yourself let me go buy you a toy!!!" Also, maybe not in this.


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